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Psalm 71:21, Thou shall increase my greatness and comfort me on every side.

Do you feel hopeless, fed up with your present state and unsure of what the future holds for you?

These feelings, questions, and thoughts are there because its in our make-up and design to be at the top and exercise dominion, not stay under.

you may have been misunderstood, cheated, lied to, lied on, manipulated,dominated, and your efforts at doing the right thing deliberately unnoticed. That you're going through tough times does not mean that it will be permanent, as long as you choose not to give up, also bear this in mind that it is not your destination, you're just passing through., and its not up to anybody or situation to, but yourself to determine the limit of your dreams and visions. God made that decision long ago at creation, His will for man is to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and to have dominion.

Refuse to accept anything that is contrary to God's ultimate will for you as your lot in life. Jesus broke every limitation against you when He paid the price for your sin, so it's a cheating on you if you don't get to enjoy the packages that come along with the forgiveness of sin; long and fulfilled life, good health, money, good wife, good husband, lovely kids, security, etc.

stand on the word of the lord, begin to see things exactly the way He sees them, say things the way He says them, and everything will turn around for your good.

Now, start rejoicing and begin to give thanks for your victory in Christ.

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Thank you so much for sharing this....God bless you, more!
Thank you, I'm very encouraged to know that you were blessed. God bless you too!
thank u

Thank you too, my sister.


It inspires me...Thank you very much....May God bless you more!
I'm very happy to know that you were inspired. Thanks for having an open heart, may God increase your greatness on every side.


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