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So the Christian dating scene has changed considerably over the last decade. There seems to be a Christian dating site everywhere you look. There are surveys to fill out, matching algorythms and all these other formulas used by dating sites to find the "perfect" match. But what ever happened to the concept of just simply meeting someone and learning about them through conversation?


PrayerGroup is a Christian Social Network that operates in over 120 countries. We are not a typical dating site. We are here so you can find people you would have never met otherwise. They may be just around the corner, or in another country. The fact is, that you can meet anyone here if just say hello. We are free, we are Christian and our social network allows you to simply meet other people, enjoy their company and discuss whatever the two you might have in common. If this sounds simple, that becuase it is. This is how dating has worked for centuries. No forms, no surveys, no complicated algorythms...


You can find Christians who are single by using our advanced search tool in the members tab. While you're at it, come enjoy our christian music, christian blogs, chat with others in real-time or spend some quite time in our ebible forum.


PrayerGoup is the place "Where Christian's Come Together." We wish you all the best in finding new friendships and love.

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