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Christian Social Networks Are an “Evolution” In The Way We Think and Communicate


doesthissentenceseemwierdtoyou?itshoulditsmakingmyspellcheckfreakoutaswell. So there were two things wrong there – one, no capital letters and two no punctuation or spacing between words. Hard to read, huh? Luckily things don’t look like that nowadays, and the reason is… Carolingian miniscule.


What in the world is Carolingian Miniscule you ask? It dates from the ninth century, and it was invented in the court of Charlemagne. It was a small, easy-to-read font that also systematized the use of spacing between words and capitalization. It is the ancestor of this font you’re reading right now in fact. You see, back in the ninth century, literature (spiritual and otherwise) was disappearing faster than tickets to see Charlie Sheen have a nervous breakdown on stage. Since it was so hard to copy manuscripts legibly, there were almost no copies. That meant that if one burned or fell apart or got whatever the ninth century version of coffee was spilled on it that was it – the text vanished and there was no other. Carolingian miniscule led to an explosion of copying (especially of Christian tracts) – and no more lost texts. It was an explosion of permanent and accessible information, and it was motivated by the desire to remodel and instruct society along Christian lines through Christian teachings (the first thing Charlemagne had put into Miniscule was Saint Augustine’s City of God).


There’s an automatic prejudice against easy things. Things that are easy seem unimportant. But sometimes making something easier IS the most important thing to do for it. Getting feedback on ideas used to be hard and time-consuming. You could go weeks or months before you ran into a friend receptive to certain ideas with the time to listen and respond to them. Worldwide social networks have changed that completely. It is now so easy to reach out to someone you know across town or across the globe and find out how they feel about an idea or a thought you’ve heard or had. At first this was viewed suspiciously by religiously-minded people. It seemed too easy, too quick, too facile. Look at the Christian social network, It is operating in nearly 100 countries (maybe more by the time you read this – as I said, social networks move fast!). On this end of the telescope here in America, that seems impressive – 100 choices of cultures to reach out to and bounce ideas and experiences off of. But from the other end of the telescope, the miniscule end so to speak, it is even more impressive. There are Christians in severe minorities in distant lands who are grateful to be able to interact with even one friendly ear from miles away. And if you share a good idea or a pious thought you have in essence copy and pasted it into someone else’s mind or heart. See how easy that was? And lasting? And game changing? Just because it happens fast doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. Like that tiny, ancient font, it can help remodel and instruct the world.


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Comment by Ed Nabus on August 17, 2012 at 10:55am

Thank you Lord for bringing us here. I know its your will!!

Comment by Benson wekesa on April 27, 2011 at 12:35pm
Ok glory to God for the work He is doin in my life
Comment by Randy R. Carrasco on April 5, 2011 at 5:13am
Hello everybody, You wonder where our path will lead us? we do not need to know. just take the first step. After that God will show us the next step. Go step by step. one day we realized that He has led us according to wise plan, along a way which led to a glorious goal.

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