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Several members have emailed to ask how our active members list works. We provide the list so members can quickly see who has been posting new material to enjoy. In order to more accurately take account of what's happening in the community, today, we updated our Active members section to be a weekly review. Previously, it was a monthly review. This will allow more users to appear on the list as they share within the community, providing new members with the opportunity to meet more people.


The following factors are used to determine active members:


1.) Your status on your wall page allows you to communicate what's on your mind. An updated status shows that the Member is active.


2.) Newly posted videos, music and pictures contribute to active status.


3.) When a member likes your post, the person who posted is credited as active. This is ensure that posts are meaningful and enjoyable.


4.) Active members are members who are creating and building their community. Inviting new friends and creating new Groups with active posts also contribute.


5.) Taking an active role in the prayer forum and other discussion groups.


Everyone in our community can contribute to sharing the Lord's word. Whether you visit daily, weekly or monthly, we are a community of fellowship and support. We hope you enjoy the Active Members list, so you can see who is helping to build our your community... but please remeber there are many friends here to meet whether they are "active" or not. Take a look at the Members list and reach out to meet someone new. When you accept a friend request, make a point of learning about that person and really become a "friend." We all have many things in common, but at the greatest of them is our Faith! Share it!

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